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Audid & Tax specialists develop their services thanks to a modern system Maconomy ERP

Companies representing the audit and tax advisory industry are an important pillar of the modern economy, playing a key role in ensuring compliance, tax optimization and safeguarding the interests of companies that use their services. Therefore, proper management of projects and a team of specialists is the key to their success and stable development.
The innovative Maconomy system is a comprehensive tool supporting the effective management and operation of audit and advisory firms. How? Here are a few examples:

  1. Project and Task Management: Maconomy allows you to plan, track and manage projects and tasks. This allows you to efficiently allocate resources, monitor work progress and deadlines.
  2. Time and Cost Monitoring: The Maconomy system allows you to record the working time and costs associated with each project. This enables accurate tracking of expenditure and revenue related to audit and advisory services.
  3. Invoicing and billing: Maconomy offers tools to invoice customers for services rendered, taking into account both working time and other project related costs. It is also possible to settle expenses and collect fees from customers.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Maconomy system can integrate CRM features, enabling audit and consulting firms to track customer interactions, manage relationships, and analyze customer and lead data.
  5. Reporting and Analysis: Maconomy provides dashboards and reports that allow audit and consulting firms to analyze project performance, profitability, labor costs, and other key business metrics. This helps in making management decisions and optimizing activities.
  6. Human Resource Management: The system enables audit and consulting firms to effectively manage human resources, including scheduling, recording working time, monitoring pay and employee benefits.
    These are just a few examples of how Maconomy supports effective project management and a team of specialists, ensures transparent and appropriate functioning of the company, allowing it to grow effectively.

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    Tomasz Wachla

    Sales and Marketing Director

    Todis Consulting is a Deltek representative offering Maconomy software. It provides comprehensive services related to system implementation, training and technical service.

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    The choice of Maconomy was determined by its broad functional scope and closely tailored solutions for the consulting industry.

    Krzysztof Kaczmarek

    Managing Partner


    With Maconomy, we process company data in real time and can make key business decisions instantly.

    Tomasz Zygadło


    Sigma Connectivity

    Maconomy functions like the brain of the entire agency. We have access to all information about projects, allocated resources or profitability in one system.

    Magdalena Łukaszewicz

    Project Manager


    The ERP system is an investment for years, which is why we focused on Maconomy, a solution proven in our other companies.

    Arek Szwestko


    Sigma Connectivity

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