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Legal industry: professional services supported by the innovative Maconomy solution

Law professionals often face various challenges that can affect the efficiency and profitability of the agency’s operations. What ERP is suitable for lawyers? The Maconomy system offers features that enable you to manage projects, finances, and human resources effectively, which is crucial to running your business effectively.

Challenges in the legal industry: How can ERP help?

No working time sheet filling: Maconomy enables automatic working time tracking through integration with activity monitoring systems, which eliminates the need for lawyers to fill work sheets manually. This makes it possible to accurately determine the time spent on individual tasks and projects, which facilitates accurate customer invoicing.

Fill out forms and tables instead of work: Maconomy offers document templates and process automation tools, allowing lawyers to fill in forms or tables faster and more efficiently.

Access to the digital repository: Maconomy can be integrated with legal documentation management systems, allowing lawyers quick and easy access to a digital repertoire containing provisions, case files, prepared claims, and documents.

Profitability/profitability of cooperation: Maconomy enables the analysis of financial data related to the project, department, lawyer, client, and partner, which allows the evaluation of the profitability and profitability of the cooperation.

Invoicing delays: Maconomy allows you to automatically generate invoices based on recorded working time and expenditure, which eliminates invoice delays. The system can track customers’ payments and notify them of delays, allowing for a quick response to payment issues.

No budget preparation Maconomy allows you to create and monitor budgets for individual projects, allowing you to control costs and avoid financial losses.

Problems with reporting: Maconomy offers the ability to generate a variety of reports on both projects and finances, enabling a better understanding of business performance.

The Maconomy ERP system is an effective tool for managing the law firm, which increases the efficiency of its operations and, importantly, can be integrated with other systems used in the law firm, which allows for smooth data flows and better synchronization of activities.


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    Todis Consulting is a Deltek representative offering Maconomy software. It provides comprehensive services related to system implementation, training and technical service.

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    The choice of Maconomy was determined by its broad functional scope and closely tailored solutions for the consulting industry.

    Krzysztof Kaczmarek

    Managing Partner


    With Maconomy, we process company data in real time and can make key business decisions instantly.

    Tomasz Zygadło


    Sigma Connectivity

    Maconomy functions like the brain of the entire agency. We have access to all information about projects, allocated resources or profitability in one system.

    Magdalena Łukaszewicz

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    The ERP system is an investment for years, which is why we focused on Maconomy, a solution proven in our other companies.

    Arek Szwestko


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