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RamBase Cloud ERP provides document management functionality completely integrated with all business processes. When your products consist of multiple parts and components and your customers expect technical documentation down to the smallest part, you need a system that can organize your documentation requirements in a secure and efficient manner.  All documents from customer orders to shipping documents are available with a few clicks when you need them. With RamBase you get a complete and correct documentation package with a full version and revision history.


Folder-blue     FILE MANAGER

File storage solution with several documentation options. Easy access to product documentation, company documentation or your own personal library.



supply-chain-blue        DOCUMENT WORKFLOW

Every step in the business process is documented with version control and can be managed easily in RamBase with drag and drop functionality.



documentation-blue      SECURE STORAGE

Your document library is stored in the cloud for easy access and with multiple security features in place to assure availability and data integrity.


Documentation Module capabilities:

  • Intuitive documentation dashboards.
  • Easy uploading using drag and drop functionality.
  • Ability to restrict who can read, modify and delete a document.
  • Integrated access to corporate and company policy and procedures.
  • Easily link documents to several processes or folders.
  • Version and revision history for quality compliance.
  • All documents are protected with multiple security measures.
  • Easily find related content to your search with automatically related document suggestions.

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