VAT Management

With respect to client’s needs and expectations, Todis Consulting has created the VAT Management application, which allows to calculate VAT in a convenient way.

The application includes as follow:

  • Preparation of JPK files
  • Printout of VAT-27, VAT-UE VAT-7, VAT-7K declarations (historical)
  • Entering / correcting the date to VAT (KS, KZ) for a single invoice and collectively.
  • Correction of VAT codes for existing entries (KS, KZ).
  • Review of VAT entries according to selected selection criteria (KS, KZ).
  • Entering confirmation dates for credit notes.
  • Settlement of input and output VAT in a different month than the booking date by: – ​​adding the option to enter a date for VAT in purchase and sale – correction of standard VAT reports (purchase and sale).
  • Support for VAT and CIT settlement on unpaid invoices

This application is closely related to the functionality offered by Todis to support the SAF-T.

It is possible to include an additional individual company’s requirements.

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