The new KSeF e-Invoice Integration enables sending invoices from iScala ERP in a structured form to the KSeF platform. Make the transition today and comply with future regulatory requirements for business-to-business transactions. 

The National System of e-Invoices (KSeF) is a system for issuing, receiving and storing structured invoices. In the initial period, structured invoices will function in business transactions as one of the accepted forms of documenting transactions, next to paper invoices, and now commercially available electronic invoices.

Although KSeF was initially planned to be introduced in 2024, the current decision by the Ministry gives companies additional time to prepare for the new system. It will be mandatory, and electronic invoicing will become mandatory for all actors. It is therefore worth starting the process of adaptation now in order to be prepared for possible changes in the future.

A structured invoice is issued and received using the National System of e-Invoices with the use of interface software, in electronic form and in accordance with the model of an electronic document.

The structured invoice is in the xml format according to the logical structure of the e-Invoice (FA_VAT). Therefore, it is the third type / type of invoice next to paper and electronic invoices. It is issued by taxpayers using the National System of e-Invoices and marked with the number identifying this invoice in the system.

Structured electronic invoices will be issued according to the template, based on the logical structure presented by the Ministry of Finance.

The legislator provides for the possibility of issuing a structured invoice directly in the KSeF (i.e. via the KSeF’s web interface) or in the taxpayer’s financial and accounting system in accordance with the published structured electronic invoice template.

Key Benefits:

  • Ready-made integration
  • Full process automation
  • All invoices type support
  • Developed by local expertise
  • No more manually storing invoices
  • Structured invoices accelerated turnoverK

Key Capabilities:

  • Comply with KSeF mandate
  • Secure encrypted exchange
  • Tax refund will be shortened by 20 days

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