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Innovative Solutions for Creative Agencies: Maconomy as a Source of Truth about Your Business

The talks with representatives of creative agencies clearly highlighted the key challenges they face on a daily basis. To meet their needs, Maconomy offers comprehensive solutions, eliminating the need to spend time filling out forms or collecting data from different sources. Here’s how ERP in a creative agency addresses specific problems identified by the managers of creative agencies:

  1. Profitability of Projects in the Center of Attention

Problem: Tracking project profitability is crucial but often difficult in a dynamic creative agency environment.

Maconomy Solution: With its reporting and analysis capabilities, Maconomy allows you to monitor project costs and revenue on an ongoing basis. In one place, you will find clear data to help you assess profitability and adjust your business strategy.

  1. Optimum Placement of Human Resources for Projects

Problem: Effective management of human resources and their proper allocation to projects is a challenge, especially when working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Maconomy Solution: The Macinomy Resource Management Module allows you to plan, allocate, and monitor employees efficiently. This will minimize the overload of one resource and ensure optimum utilization of the team’s potential.

  1. Process Automation

Problem: Agency employees want to focus on creativity instead of wasting time manually filling out forms or collecting information from different systems.

Maconomy Solution: Macinomy eliminates unnecessary manual tasks by automating processes, allowing employees to spend more time working on projects effectively rather than on administrative tasks.

  1. One Source of Truth about the Company

Problem: The lack of a clear source of truth about the state of the company makes it difficult to make informed decisions.

Maconomy Solution: Centralization of data in Maconomy eliminates the need to jump between different systems or Excel sheets. This gives you a single, coherent source of information, making it easy to make quick and accurate decisions.

Not only does Maconomy solve the problems that creative agencies face, but it also provides tools for effective management, increasing work efficiency, and focusing on what really matters: creating innovative projects.

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    Tomasz Wachla

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    Todis Consulting is a Deltek representative offering Maconomy software. It provides comprehensive services related to system implementation, training and technical service.

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    The choice of Maconomy was determined by its broad functional scope and closely tailored solutions for the consulting industry.

    Krzysztof Kaczmarek

    Managing Partner


    With Maconomy, we process company data in real time and can make key business decisions instantly.

    Tomasz Zygadło


    Sigma Connectivity

    Maconomy functions like the brain of the entire agency. We have access to all information about projects, allocated resources or profitability in one system.

    Magdalena Łukaszewicz

    Project Manager


    The ERP system is an investment for years, which is why we focused on Maconomy, a solution proven in our other companies.

    Arek Szwestko


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