“Why do I need all this ERP?” How to control your finances in a marketing agency and not go crazy?

Welcome to the land of business challenges, where service companies face the market and struggle to survive in the thicket of tasks, projects, subcontractors or clients. In a world full of lost notes, four excel sheets telling a bit of what we want to know and the search for the Holy Grail – the optimal ERP system. Also, you should ask yourself - is it the answer to all the problems, or just a tool that properly tailored actually helps?Well, designing an ERP system for a creative agency is like grinding a diamond – it takes a little patience and a lot of polishing, but the results can be stunning. But what can an ERP system for a Marketing Agency really change in everyday work? How can it improve such work?


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Agencylife: Three Project Management Killers

You want to give your agency’s project managers ready access to the information they need to develop an accurate, detailed scope of work. You also need to provide them with real-time information on burn rate and team efficiency so they are able to adjust fire, re-allocate resources, or, if necessary, to back to the client to discuss adjusting the budget if necessary.

Encompassing all these concerns, project managers also must know who on staff the best fit for a particular project is and whether or not they have bandwidth. The goal is to have the right person on the right project at exactly the right time. The consistent aspect for all of these concerns boils down to making sure your PMs have all the data they need to plan, staff and manage every project so that it satisfies client expectations while remaining as profitable as possible.

How ERP has evolved and where it’s headed next.

If a business expects to grow, they’ll need robust tools that will help support and enable that growth. You can no longer track all of your sales, customer orders, production schedules, and other necessary information on spreadsheets alone. Some niche tools may work for a time, but as you scale, you need a solution that will give you the big picture of your organization in one place.

That’s what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are built for: collecting everything you need to know about how your business runs into one interface. Not only can an ERP gather and synthesize the data produced by every facet of your company, it provides insights into areas of improvement so that you can upgrade upon your operations and increase your productivity.

Understanding file-based integrations in RamBase

File-based integration is a widely used approach for data integration. File transfer is often associated with legacy systems where API integrations are unavailable. However, modern software systems handle files as well, such as remittances, invoices, etc. File integration will then be used to change the documents to fit the required standard of the external system.

RamBase Definitions  

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