ERP system for professional services companies: optimizing management and increasing efficiency

Today’s professional services companies, such as advertising agencies, consulting firms, engineering firms and law firms, face unique challenges in terms of managing human resources and working time. For such companies, it is crucial to plan, monitor and account for projects that often involve highly qualified specialists. Traditional ERP systems often do not meet these requirements, which is why dedicated solutions such as Maconomy offered by Deltek are gaining increasing popularity.


Artificial Intelligence in ERP Systems: A new era of business management

In today’s business world, technological innovation plays a key role in the effective management of a company. One of the most promising trends is the use of Artificial Intelligence in enterprise resource management systems. Integration of AI into ERP systems opens the door to new opportunities for optimizing business processes and maximizing efficiency. How is AI revolutionizing ERP systems and what benefits does it bring to companies?


Evolution of the ERP System: Upgrade or Change?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are an integral part of modern enterprises, enabling integration of business processes, resource management and streamlining operations at multiple levels. However, with technological progress and changing market requirements, it becomes necessary to adapt ERP systems to new needs. In such a situation, companies are faced with the question: is it better to upgrade the current system or make a complete change to a new one?


Optimizing production with ERP systems

We all know that the manufacturing industry is a dynamic sector of the economy, constantly evolving, changing to meet the growing demands of today’s market. It is therefore difficult to imagine a large or medium-sized company functioning without a well-tailored system for planning production and managing internal processes. The most commonly implemented system in the manufacturing industry is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Why?


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