SAF-T Generator

Todis Consulting has prepared for its clients a SAF-T module that includes full functionality enabling the transfer of data from tax accounts in a standard electronic form and transfer to the Ministry of Finance server via electronic means of communication. Data providing in the SAF-T format applies to a wide range of information. VAT data must be made available on a monthly basis and the rest (accounting records, VAT invoices, stock transactions and bank statements) at the request of the control tax authority.

The JPK module is fully integrated with the Maconomy system and enables:

  • preparation of files in accordance with the required SAF-T data format
  • automatic data import and export
  • electronic transfer of SAF-T files
  • data preview and verification
  • archiving of data provided to tax authorities

All data – both from the financial and accounting system as well as from the warehouse and sales management – must be prepared in XML files according to specific structural format.

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