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Maconomy is software for managing a company’s finances and resources that can be used by various industries, including engineering companies. Below are general steps for implementing and using ERP in an engineering company:

  1. Requirements Analysis: Start with a thorough analysis of the needs of the engineering company. Understand what the main business processes are and what information and functionality are necessary to manage them effectively.
  2. Module selection: Maconomy offers a variety of modules that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your engineering company, such as project management, human resources, time, and cost. Choose the appropriate modules according to your company’s requirements.
  3. Configuration customization: After selecting the appropriate modules, proceed to adapting the system configuration to the specific needs of the engineering company. This can include defining project structures, cost categories, working time calculations, etc.
  4. Staff training: Provide appropriate training for staff to enable them to use the Maconomy system effectively. Training should include user interface management, data entry, reporting, and other functions relevant to working for an engineering company.
  5. Testing: Conduct system tests to make sure that all functions work properly and meet your company’s expectations. In the course of the tests, you can also identify possible errors and problems to fix.
  6. Implementation: After successfully testing the system, you can proceed to the implementation of Maconomy in the engineering company. Make sure that the implementation is gradual and has minimal interference with the current operations of the company.
  7. Support Training: Provide continuing training and support for staff to enable them to use Maconomy effectively in their daily work.
  8. Monitoring and updates: Regularly monitor system performance and collect user feedback to identify areas that need to be improved. Update your software regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest features and security.
  9. Optimization: continuous effort to optimize the use of the Maconomy system by adapting it to changing needs and processes in the engineering company.
  10. Technical support: Provide access to technical support for staff in case of system problems or a need for additional assistance.

Remember that the success of implementing an ERP system in an engineering company depends on a thorough analysis of the company’s needs, careful adjustment of system configuration, adequate staff training, and continuous monitoring and improvement of processes.


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    Todis Consulting is a Deltek representative offering Maconomy software. It provides comprehensive services related to system implementation, training and technical service.

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    The choice of Maconomy was determined by its broad functional scope and closely tailored solutions for the consulting industry.

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