When the finished product is delivered, it may not be the end of your customer interaction. If your product requires maintenance at different intervals to keep up its performance or retains its certificate, RamBase Cloud ERP has the service management tools you need to retain customer satisfaction and keep on delivering quality products. Whether it’s scheduled or ad-hoc service needs, RamBase holds as-built information on all your products, changes to the product, previous service orders, scheduled services and performed service operations. Service documents are automatically attached to the operation and to the product, giving your customers the overview and information they need.


service-blue (1)    ORDER HANDLING

Efficient service order handling features for ad-hoc or recurring orders. Follow up your customer’s service backlog with intuitive reports and dashboards.



book-demo-blue (1)      SERVICE PLANNING

Easy to use features to manage the availability of qualified service operators, allocate relevant resources and purchase missing parts in the same system.



documentation-blue (2)    SERVICE DOCUMENTATION

When the job is done, all documentation, including measurement certificates, material certificates, specified job cards are shipped to the customer.

Key Service Capabilities:

  • Integrated Order Handling
  • Service Planning and Reports
  • Documentation Management
  • Life Cycle Managmeent
  • Complaints and returns handling
  • Recurring Services
  • In-shop Repair

Measurement and Calibration Tools

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