The Logistics Module is often considered the backbone of an organization’s supply chain and needs to have quality-driven and efficient processes to be able to keep the machinery running. RamBase Cloud ERP Logistics Module is the link between delivery and procurement. The logistics module gives you complete control of the incoming flow of goods, the in-house management of goods, and the outbound flow of goods.  Supplier information, correspondence and purchase history are available throughout the delivery process.

sack-truck-blue     EFFICIENT RECEPTION

Manage delivery performance and traceability requirements with complete control over all incoming goods. Correct goods reception is a prerequisite for the efficient function of warehouse processes.



warehouse-blue     WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT

Optimize the storing and flow of goods within your warehouse and get more efficient planning processes done by continuously informing the system about stock locations.




Feel confident that your customer will receive the right product at the right time and with the right documentation. Combine orders and work smarter to save freight and administrative costs.


With the RamBase Cloud ERP Logistics Module you get: 

  • Outbound waybills for consolidated shipments
  • Shipment tracking
  • Approvals
  • Export handling
  • Support for use of Hand Held Terminal for efficient warehouse handling
  • Registers for carriers, shipping services and freight rates
  • Integrated deviation handling
  • Possibility for shipping integration with Consignor or other delivery management software

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