Wholesale Distribution

Operating as a wholesale distributor you’re faced with a global supply chain with variable supplier lead times. You need to ensure accurate demand forecasting and manage the perfect stock levels to prevent over-stocking and stock-outs. And to remain competitive into the future you’ll need to keep up with new digital technology solutions. Back in the early 90s, when no other system on the market could handle the distribution job in the cloud, RamBase Cloud ERP was created.  Today RamBase is a fully integrated cloud ERP system covering all the core processes you need to run your wholesale distribution business. Rest assured that our system is built on a future-proof platform with the technology you need to join the digital transformation.


Run your warehouse at its highest capacity. Receive, track, and store inventory to minimize overstock and free up space for stronger selling lines, and use handheld devices for efficient processing.


RamBase delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility with full traceability at every level. Connect your processes in one system to enable seamless flow of activities across your entire supply chain.

integrated_supplier   INTEGRATED SUPPLIER PORTAL

Make your procurement processes more streamlined, automated and efficient, by allowing your suppliers to communicate directly with you through a safe and secure online environment.


Monitor the overall health of your business with complete visibility and easy to use financial reporting. Accurately track costs at detailed levels in your supply chain and maintain your books efficiently.


Keeping track of numerous, similar products and multiple suppliers and manufacturers can be a challenge. With manufacturer part number you can correctly identify the right products and the right substitutes instantly.


Robust quality deviation handling integrated at every step in your business process. With traceability at item level, you’ll easily find, correct and investigate deviations and track suppliers’ compliance to contract terms.

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