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Problems in the engineering industry and Maconomy

Problems in the engineering industry and Maconomy

Engineering companies are the engine of our economy. Such organizations often develop new technologies that will disrupt their customers’ industry status quo. But this is not an ideal industry. Such organizations also face their own challenges. Many of our interviewees mention poor communication, a bad schedule of tasks between employees, or vaguely defined tasks adding to this the constant pressure of time. ERP systems such as Maconoma in the engineering industry can significantly help address these challenges and help improve work efficiency. 

Poor communication between employees and information chaos:

Maconomy strives to be a single source of truth about the company. This system should contain full information on both the condition of the company and strategic objectives, while supporting project implementation and cost control. Poor communication within the team is not something Maconoma can address, but in the ERP system for the engineering industry there are solutions that help easily manage document flow or help identify who is responsible for a given task. As a result, each of them has access to up-to-date data and can keep track of the progress of their projects, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings. Everyone knows what they have to do, what assigned tasks await them and can consciously carry them out at their own pace. 

Not enough advice and no definition of responsibility: 

Once again we have been reminded that communication in the engineering industry is the key to success in creating new technologies is open and transparent communication. A brainstorm usually results in a number of interesting ideas for solving a given problem. Without them, engineers are devoted solely to their invention. A well-managed meeting ends with the most optimal solution. The Maconoma system can clearly and concretely manage responsibility and create teams that give the most added value. 

No clear guidelines: 

It’s not spelling. It was pointed out to us that without a full vision of what we are trying to achieve, employees are given ordinary tasks and do not feel satisfied that they are achieving the goal or that they are part of an important project. This feeling is extremely important and is often a much greater motivation than praise or reward. 

Random events and working under the pressure of time: 

Random events are an integral part of doing business. There is no way to prepare for every eventuality. What you can do is to develop a plan, describe it in detail and budget it, convey these assumptions to the design team, so that the project becomes less susceptible to disruption. This approach has always been known. Nowadays, project management in a nimble way is becoming more popular. Thanks to this, we can adapt tasks to the assumptions in sprint cycles. Maconoma will give us control over the financial aspect of this type of approach. We will get a flexible tool where we will always know what to do and how much it will cost us. 

Too many tasks: 

And the last problem, which is the problem of excessive number of tasks and their uneven distribution, can be solved effectively with Maconoma systems. The expanded resource planning system called People Planner allows you to check how busy the individual engineers are and whose competencies will work best for the given tasks. The whole is supported by AI that continuously checks people’s personal development, progress in carrying out tasks, level of competence and satisfaction. 
In summary, Maconomy ERP systems help and offer many solutions so that the engineering industry can operate more efficiently and efficiently without unnecessary conflicts resulting from lack of communication, too many tasks or time pressures. Thanks to the implemented solutions, companies can improve the quality of the implemented projects and increase their competitiveness in the market. 

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