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Transformation journey: From paper to digital work environment

Transformation journey: From paper to digital work environment

The general availability of computers, the Internet and mobile technologies has made great progress in eliminating paper from business processes but it is still very difficult to achieve full digitization of the work environment.

According to the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) data a few years ago, US offices consume an average of 10,000 sheets of paper per year. It is worth considering whether you need such amount of paper to print your documents, and then how you organize, control and store them. By the way, it is worth adding that Xerox studies show that nearly half of the paper documents are discarded into the recycle bin within 24 hours of printing.

Recognizing that paper virtually excludes digital transformation, many organizations have undertaken and are continuing to carry out advanced projects aimed at eliminating paper-based documents from their office processes. The resulting benefits are not limited to lower costs, increased safety and environmental aspects. The real goal of digitalisation is to increase employee’s productivity and improve customer service.

By offering a modern M-Files DMS information management system, we know the market and we know that the effects of digitization projects vary. Many of systems do not achieve the expected results because they do not intelligently manage the information. M-Files DMS is an Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solution that offers a new approach to secure information storage, management, and sharing. It goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional Enterprise Content Management systems and is better suited to the needs of today's organizations.

 The key differentiators of this class of solutions are that they are primarily metadata-driven, system-neutral, and intelligent. Metadata provides a much better classification and search for documents than a classic folder concept. Neutrality, in turn, means that employees are not limited to a single system, but can use folders, applications, or dedicated document management systems – from an organizational point of view, it should not be important where the information is located. Finally, intelligent management means that technology actively supports users – automating many routine tasks using artificial intelligence. Besides, this last element is extremely important because acceptance by users is a prerequisite for the success of virtually any its project. Smart support for your daily work is the best way to make IIM work for you. Otherwise, the construction of a digital workplace may be another unsuccessful project. The above conditions are perfectly met by M-Files DMS

In summary, it is worth mentioning that it enables integration with ERP systems such as Maconomy, iScala  and Epicor, with a simple interface, intuitive, reliable and secure. In this way, M-Files can operate in both traditional client-server and cloud architectures.

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