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How consulting companies may acquire talented Millennial workers?

How consulting companies may acquire talented Millennial workers?

According to research conducted by MonsterPolska.pl, only 15% of young people in the labour market would like to work in a large corporation. 45% prefer medium-sized companies. Nonetheless, also payment no longer represents a key criterion while choosing a job. Only 27% of respondents have chosen this factor.[1]

What is there to be done in present times in order to create attractive workplaces for young talents? Which factors will have positive effects on the selection of a company as a place of work? First of all, you have to know the needs of potential employees because MonsterPolska.pl research results clearly show that the majority of employers do not know nor understand them.

Millennials appreciate the company's culture and values the most because they want to equate with them (e.g. ecology, supporting charity appeals etc.). They are looking for a place to work, where they can be and express themselves, also through the garment, views etc. In addition, this is a group for which the meaning of work is very important – motivation, which comprises of opportunity to develop, regular feedback (coaching, instead of the annual summaries), value and awards, opportunity to express their views, teamwork and flexible work options (working time and forms of employment, remote working possibilities etc.) and the so-called work-life balance. Another very important argument in choosing the company is personal development and individual career path possibility.

One of the most important factors which may influence Millennials' choice of the company is whether it uses latest technology and solutions because for them working on mobile devices is generally intuitive and gives working flexibility, which includes remote work. Erin Passons, former Gallup management consultant as well as Passons Consulting founder and CEO, advise companies when it comes to the use of equipment, tools and technologies expected by Millennials. She describes Millennials as "the most connected generation in history" and says that they have an intuitive level in all forms of electronic communications. Erin advises that companies should benefit from these forms of communication, and people from the Millennials generation will be much more inclined to build positive relations with the organization.[2]

Moreover, companies that want to get Millennials into their team should make efforts to create a brand image "employer brand of choice" and, as far as possible, include already recruited group representatives in the recruitment process.

In conclusion, gaining talented young workers from the Millennials group is possible if company’s actions will be consistent and will consequently pursue a strategy aimed at creating an operating conditions responding to the needs of this group.

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