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Deltek Maconomy: Three key benefits for your business

Deltek Maconomy: Three key benefits for your business

Project-based ERP systems, such as Deltek Maconomy, are specially designed to support companies providing professional services. A short guide, Project-Based ERP for Small, Emerging, and Global, shows the full value of a project-based ERP system.

What is project-based ERP, and what are its benefits?
Organizations in all industries use ERP solutions to support accounting, resource planning, projects, and more. Nevertheless, many ERP tools are not built to support the number and pace of projects supported by professional service companies.

The Maconomy Deltek was designed to meet the needs of design companies of various sizes. It works both at the company headquarters and in the cloud, allowing integration with the existing IT infrastructure. This system is growing with the company, supporting both small and large organizations providing professional services.

Deltek Maconomy benefits SMEs and larger organizations.
The benefits of Deltek Maconomy are important for both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger enterprises.

Deltek Maconomy helps SMEs:

  • obtain total visibility of customers, projects, profitability, and more.
  • better financial control through more efficient processes
  • improve the execution and profitability of projects
  • obtain one source of information that will support the development of the company

As Deltek Maconomy is designed to scale with organizations and their growing needs, it will also benefit larger organizations.

Deltek Maconomy enables large organizations to broader business goals while ensuring security and simplifying compliance. All thanks to increased operational efficiency, business process automation, better visibility and better project management.

Deltek Maconomy helps larger organizations:

  • get full transparency thanks to the integrated platform
  • full control, efficiency and automation
  • improve global scalability and compliance in the future
  • get a quick time to reach value thanks to quick configuration and virtual deployment

3 Ways Deltek Maconomy Increases Business Value
Deltek Maconomy enables all types of project-based organizations to:

  1. Increase revenue: Deltek Maconomy enables you to make better decisions that support revenue growth. Provides a full insight into the performance of customers and projects and facilitates their management. In addition, with interactive desktops offering a comprehensive overview of the status of project implementation and revenue, the company can track margins without the risk of data loss.
  2. Resource optimization: Deltek Maconomy helps to improve resource efficiency. Directly conveys information about available opportunities and current tasks. Dedicated reports present the actual use, allowing the use of short- and long-term perspectives of available resources.
  3. Increase project profitability: Deltek Maconomy supports companies in increasing the profitability of projects. It provides full insight into project outcomes at all levels. This makes it easier to identify new opportunities to generate revenue or optimize resource use. In addition, integrating project management with finance makes it easier to recognize revenue and carry out month closing processes.

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