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WorkBook conversations reduce your team’s reliance on emails or chat tools by allowing teams to socialize, collaborate and discuss project details within the same central place, regardless of their location.

  • Open conversations can be used to communicate agency-wide, conversations within a job help teams collaborate on the task at hand, and one-on-one conversations allow colleagues to chat privately. Users get a notification in their Inbox, accessible via desktop and mobile, to alert them of conversation activity that requires their attention. 
  • Use conversations to send files for reference, review or approval. WorkBook files them within the job and stores them to your local file server or cloud storage to avoid duplication.


Reduce the barriers to client communication via WorkBook’s Client Portal.

  • Clients and Brand Managers can easily submit new jobs for quotation – giving your team visibility into incoming work. 
  • Personalized access to job progress gives clients the transparency they want and the visibility they need to understand the impact of unexpected requests.
  • Maintain a collaborative relationship and a steady line of communication by including them in job conversations.


Centralize feedback from clients and team members across the globe with online proofing via Deltek ConceptShare.

  • Accelerate the review cycle by gathering clear, actionable feedback from the entire review team in one place.
  • Avoid costly delays and secure faster approvals by scheduling email notifications of upcoming deadlines.
  • Protect valuable capacity by reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary revisions.   
  • Allow users to participate in a way that fits their natural and productive workflow by seamlessly connecting WorkBook and ConceptShare without losing valuable functionality.


WorkBook’s mobile app helps you stay productive on the go.

  • Stay on top of your to-do list with access to your Tasks, including their level of priority and how much time you’ve been allocated for each. 
  • Access your Inbox to see what needs your attention and participate in conversations.
  • Easily enter time and upload expense receipts from anywhere.


The most important feature for any remote team is accessibility. All of the bells and whistles in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t access them from where you work. Deltek Agency Solutions are cloud-based, meaning you can access your agency management system from any location without being tethered to a physical server. Coupled with increased security, flexibility and scalability, the Deltek Cloud makes WorkBook and ConceptShare the smartest solutions for managing the remote workforce of a growing agency. It allows you to simplify your tech stack and reduce IT costs as you grow, so you can focus on the bigger picture.


And because Deltek Agency Solutions are cloud-based, your agency can get up and running quickly with a completely virtual Power Launch implementation. Regardless of the size, complexities or unique requirements of your remote workforce, Deltek’s Global Consultants leverage in-depth industry knowledge from decades of experience and hundreds of implementations to provide a streamlined, best practice solution to fulfill your agency’s needs. Our Proven approach includes specific tasks and objectives, including user training, that can be managed through virtual collaboration to keep team members from both Deltek and your agency, aligned throughout.


Once your agency is up and running, enhance your product knowledge with continuous learning opportunities via Deltek University, free as part of your WorkBook or ConceptShare purchase. With 24/7 access to support materials, product training programs and certification programs from anywhere, you can individualize your training experience at your convenience. New content is being added all the time so that you can learn more and get trained on new features directly from the people who built the products. And everything is right-sized so you can learn at your own pace.

WorkBook and ConceptShare work together to create a total agency management system that connects your remote workforce and provides best practice solutions that help you run a productive agency. More than just software, Deltek is a partner that makes agency management easy, so you can focus on what’s important.

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