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An optimal e-commerce strategy for the industry

An optimal e-commerce strategy for the industry

All you need is a few clicks, Internet development has made buying any product or service easier than ever before. E-commerce is growing at a very rapid pace. And this does not only apply to the consumer segment but also B2B. According to Forrester Research, this business segment value in the USA will soon reach $1.13 trillion. Moreover, according to another report – Global B2B E-Commerce market, the value of business-to-business sales by the end of 2020 may be greater than the electronic retail outlet. Therefore, e-commerce has become a focus of the world's distributors and industry: Gaining and maintaining customers is still one of the key challenges for them.

Practice shows that organizations investing in this business area earn higher profits than competitors. That's why the sales and marketing departments are working hard to build e-commerce strategies for the coming years. However, this is not a simple task. It requires considerable resources and a lot of valuable time.  It is, therefore, better to work with experts who, using the knowledge and experience they have acquired, will accelerate the project and increase their chances of success.

A mistake can already be made at the beginning of the project by adopting false assumptions, misstating the requirements, not properly matching the measures to the objectives, including the wrong model of implementation. This is just the beginning. Another error may be the wrong decision to choose a finished solution. So-called marketplaces, despite smaller or larger configuration capabilities, do not allow full customization to the company or product specificities, nor are even more capable of differentiating themselves from the competition. The result is a solution that does not fully meet our needs. It is also extremely important to ensure that existing systems are integrated into the e-commerce platform. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maximize the benefits. Of course, integration is not simple, it takes time and effort, but it certainly pays off. Besides, it is worth thinking about the future.  Today's platform should be tailored not only to today's needs but to scale in response to changing situations – this approach will pay off.

That's why Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) is a great choice. It's a fully integrated solution that combines ERP and eCommerce functionality with the necessary elements to deliver comprehensive services to all channel partners. One of the key benefits is to provide real-time account and product information. Besides, the solution itself is extremely easy to manage – all in one database.

At the same time, this means that by choosing the Epicor ECC platform, you can avoid many mistakes often made by companies that want to gain or increase their share in the growing B2B e-commerce market.

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