Sigma Connectivity embraces Maconomy

17 April 2023

What is the biggest challenge when managing projects and processes in such a complex organization as yours?

Sigma Connectivity is not an ordinary organization. We combine consulting with Dev- and tech-house services. The word “innovation” is the key to understanding what we are doing. We offer innovation to our customers.

At Sigma Connectivity, we have a whole spectrum of consultants specializing in software, hardware, audio and other technologies. They help us develop various types of devices and new technologies addressing the current market needs. However, in order to be able to handle all customer support processes, to provide our customers with innovative solutions, and to work efficiently and effectively, we need an adequate internal organization, and this is what the ERP system helps us with.

So what does an ERP system mean for such a company as Sigma Connectivity?

For a larger scale companies, an ERP system is simply a must. It provides support on many levels. At the executive level, it provides the necessary knowledge, ensuring good and timely decision-making, and consequently management agility and flexibility. It also lets you quickly respond to various, often changing circumstances. It helps project managers in managing their projects. Finally, in the area of finance, it helps you to control profitability and cash flows. The ERP system also supports automation of corporate processes, and improves reporting and planning.

So how are we supposed to choose the right system?  What should we be looking for?

In my opinion, there are a few aspects worth special attention. Firstly, the system's fit to the specific industry. The system must offer functions that are useful for the company’s business. There are solutions dedicated to manufacturing or industrial applications. There are also the ones, which are intended for professional service companies.

You also need to make sure that your people are comfortable with the tool you want to implement at the company. People who are expected to use the new solution on a daily basis, simply have to be convinced and willing to use it. System training and after-sales support, which help in overcoming challenges and allow to get rid of certain old habits, will be extremely helpful here. This is why it is important to select the right implementation partner. This is yet  another important ascpect of the process. The partner should be experienced and reliable. Why is that? Because usually, you will be working with the ERP system and with that partner for many years. Plug and play solutions do not work here.

You have chosen the Maconomy solution. What has convinced you to make this decision?

We have been implementing the Maconomy ERP system for over a year. We have already used it in our companies in Sweden, so it’s been already proven to work well for us. This is why we decided to implement it also in Poland. Maconomy gives us a good overview of what is going on in the company. Before we implemented it, we had used five or six different data sources to get a full picture of of the company - its finances, people, and projects. The current system, which is one throughout the group, lets us see in no time what is happening in the organization, what is its profitability, etc. If the situation requires a quick change, this lets us significantly shorten the required response times and make key decisions based on verified data.

And, how do you rate the deployment process and the cooperation with Todis?

Todis turned out to be a reliable and a trustworthy partner, which was demonstrated at each stage of the project – from the tool selection to internal training. The whole implementation process went smoothly and seamlessly, and most importantly it was successful.

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