iScala 3.2 is available now!

17 April 2018

Improved import using Excel

  • New or previously saved import definitions
  • Objects available for import depends on license and permission.- e.g. the screen to the right shows the objects available for a user who has no permission to adjust accounts and dimensions
  •  Support for .xls and .xlsx files
  • Map to iScala fields
  • Review Results


Mobile Applications

Extended Mobile Warehouse Manager, New Sales Order Manager, Requisitions Manager

Expanding on the first iScala Mobile App delivered with 3.1 for Warehouse management 3.2 sees 2 new apps one for Sales Orders and secondly for requisition approvals.


Enhanced governance and control

To help you meet legislative requirements— including the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation—a number of updates have been introduced, including:

  • Enhanced Permissions system to allow you to more easily manage and control who has access to different elements of your iScala. This will ensure users can only see and open items they have access to, as menu items will be automatically filtered out based on the permissions granted.
  •  Improved auditing functions—including the new Effective permissions report—thatwill simplify the management and review of granted permissions.
  • The ability to mark a customer record to inactive. In addition, a customer record can be anonymized, and a customer record can be prevented from being used in new activities such as sales orders.

To help meet data privacy requirements and ensure only approved users have access to sensitive information, a new permission structure has been introduced.

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