Epicor 10.2.500 is now available!

28 October 2019

The latest version includes, among others:

  • Epicor Collaborate - an intuitive system communicator, offering contextual messages and subscription to threads related to ERP data, ensuring secure access from desktops and mobile devices through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform;

  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) - an intelligent assistant that supports voice and text queries, introduced for the first time in version 10.2.400, has now been expanded with new functions in the areas of purchase and sale;

  • Epicor Service Pro - a new comprehensive tool for field service management, fully integrated with Epicor ERP, based on cloud solutions, enabling mobile handling of warranty claims, contracts and service orders, repair schedules and recording of spare parts trading;

  • Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) - application that transfers data from sensors installed in devices to Epicor ERP, integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, is now even more modern and flexible thanks to the use of open data protocols and RESTful API;

  • Epicor DocStar ECM - a tool for creating virtual document flows, fully integrated with Epicor ERP, enabling automated input, validation and acceptance of purchase invoices as well as sales orders according to the indicated path; in the latest version extended to Spanish language, DocStar ECM Forms 2.0, DocStar ECM ValiDate and eSignature;

  • Epicor Functions - a new tool that allows you to create your own unique ERP methods that are added to the library and can then be used in many BPM directives and called both by internal sources (e.g. searching for a phone number) and external (e.g. to add attachment to the article directory);

  • Electronic Compliance Engine - tools for creating dynamic reports have been added, such as BAQ parameters copied to the report definition and dynamic date options;

  • Epicor CSF - extension of functionalities specific to countries such as Argentina, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, UAE and Great Britain;

  • CRE Support for Level 3 Compliance - optimization of credit card payment validation with accurate information on transaction security;

  • Epicor Data Analytics - extended customization of listings for cloud installations;

  • Epicor Cloud - easier access to the system for cloud installations and expansion of the network with new Microsoft Azure data centers in Canada and Australia;

  • Epicor Learning Center (ELC) - an online educational platform offering a variety of materials such as a review of news in a given version, a short video training on a selected topic, a detailed course on a selected module (own work and / or virtual workshops in small groups); Knowledge on Demand (KOD) video courses are now available directly from the system help

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