A Year like no other – Nucleus Research has named Deltek a Leader in its 2021 ERP Technology Value Matrix.

23 June 2021

This year’s report once again recognized Deltek as a Leader, who continues to release tools to professional service industry to meet the newest cybersecurity compliance requirements, as well as incorporate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence product enhancements that help professional services firms simplify, streamline and consolidate their processes .

While many industries were forced to slow down during 2020, software and solutions companies like Deltek experienced quite the opposite. The needs of their (and ours) customers changed overnight and it became a big responsibility to pivot Deltek’s innovation roadmap to meet their needs as the pandemic unfolded. 

Throughout the last year, we’ve learned more about what our customers value, what’s most important during challenging times and how to adapt to the current business environment. Deltek’s purposeful innovation efforts have helped project-based businesses expand accessibility, enhance security, improve disaster recovery and deliver peace of mind − all while continuing to help power their project success.

Deltek continues to focus on fusing emerging technologies with new ideas to reimagine how  customers can run their business, collaborate with their partners, and empower their employees to make better decisions.

Deltek is always looking for ways to help customers be more successful, while delivering on promise of providing solutions that connect and automate the project lifecycle. This, along with the expertise that Deltek Marketplace Partners have to build and support complementary products that work with project-based software, customers can focus on their business, not their technology.

Whether it’s through Deltek’s purposeful innovation that enhances its industry-specific software or ecosystem of partners that play a key role in solving business challenges – Deltek is committed to providing project-based businesses solutions to better serve their clients, maximize growth, enable their people and increase profitability.

The ERP Technology Value Matrix, is an annual report that provides a snapshot of the current market, designed to help customers and prospects understand how enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are providing value and where they are making significant investments.

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