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Epicor iScala 2023.1

Epicor iScala 2023.1

Epicor updates its iScala software annually to meet customer expectations and changing technology environments.

The Epicor iScala 2023. 1 release underscores Epicor’s commitment to delivering ever greater value to our customers and users. This release focuses on improving usability, reporting and productivity. Thanks to this, the functionality of the ERP solution has been significantly improved.

Highlights of iScala 2023. 1

Financial reporting

Improvements in configurable financial reporting (enhanced security, extended permissions, drill down option, etc. )


Added new maintenance-free tasks (ATP, standard cost calculation)


Various functional improvements (merging sales orders with contracts, multiple dates for price periods)


Improvements in Snap Search, Reports (SSRS), Service Connect


Support for new versions of Microsoft products and other third-party products

Deliver enhancements that deepen core functionalities, including key customer requests and country-specific functionality.

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