Wikborg Rein – global law firm – transforms management with Deltek Maconomy Cloud ERP

21 September 2021

Headquartered in Oslo, Wikborg Rein operates around the world, offering first-class legal assistance across many industries and areas of law. As its ambitions – and its team – grew, it found that its legacy on-premises ERP system was no longer meeting requirements.

“Being the type of business we are, change must always be carefully considered,” says Steffen Wefring, Head of Finance and Controlling at Wikborg Rein. “But we quickly realised that as our reporting needs changed, we needed a solution that would help the business be more forward-looking, more proactive, and more adaptable.”

After evaluating various cloud and on-premises ERP solutions, Wikborg Rein chose Deltek Maconomy. The move to a new, industry-focused, cloud ERP came at the right time, with Wikborg Rein implementing the system in early 2020 – just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to transform the world of work.

“It was a very busy 12 months for us,” says Steffen Wefring. “As we moved to remote working, the importance of effectively monitoring and managing our resources and workloads grew quickly. But thanks to Deltek Maconomy, we have the tools needed to monitor and maintain workload. Deltek has been crucial in assisting us in this area.”

A new approach to key financial processes

Since adopting Deltek Maconomy, Wikborg Rein has been able to automate and transform its approach to key financial processes. For example, previously manual invoicing is now streamlined and accelerated.

“In the past, our invoicing process involved paper, physical signatures, and sending documents back and forth between finance and lawyers,” says Steffen Wefring. “We lacked any automation or tools for approvals, feedback, and editing. We now get all those things in Maconomy, along with more insights into our processes that help inform how we approve and reject invoices.”

Rapid, remote implementation

Implementing a new core system like ERP is always a challenge – especially at a time when your business is also adapting to the changes brought about by the pandemic. But Wikborg Rein worked with Deltek to deploy Maconomy fast and without any face-to-face meetings.

“The whole deployment process was handled remotely,” says Steffen Wefring. “Thanks to careful planning from Deltek, along with their digital meeting tools, we didn’t need to have a single in-person meeting. Even without in-person contact, the deployment was completed in a short period of time.”

“Overall, Deltek showed a deep understanding of our business processes throughout, as well as what our needs were as a law firm.”

One cloud ERP, three big benefits

Since deploying Deltek Maconomy, Wikborg Rein has been able to automate and streamline a variety of processes. But what were the biggest benefits of a cloud ERP system? We asked Steffen Wefring about the top benefits he and his team have seen.


“We’ve been able to digitalise and streamline key finance processes, and rollout the benefits across all our offices. Now, processes like resource allocation are transformed because we can easily follow up on all hours daily.”


“Maconomy has helped empower our management team. We now get more information faster, and understand in real time how our employees’ time is utilised, what type of clients and matters we are serving, and how we can provide the right mix of people to satisfy our client's needs and improve performance.”


“Our new solution allows us to monitor utilisation of employees – wherever they are. So from our Norway offices, all the way to Shanghai, we can ensure we have proper visibility of all metrics. That means we get a proper group wide view of our key performance indicators, helping us make decisions based on complete information.”

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