New JPK_V7M and JPK_V7K from the beginning of October – be prepared!

05 March 2020

The new JPK file will be submitted by all entrepreneurs registered as active VAT taxpayers from October 1,2020.

In order to meet the challenges posed by new legislative changes, Todis has already prepared appropriate improvements in all supported ERP systems, to adapt them to the legal requirements that will soon be in force. JPK_ V7M and JPK_V7K files are generated in accordance with the currently binding structures published by the National Tax Administration.

Currently, active VAT payers are required to submit electronic VAT-7 declarations by the 25th day of the given month following each subsequent month, or quarterly in the case of quarterly VAT-7K declarations. In addition, active VAT taxpayers, irrespective of whether the taxpayer settles VAT monthly or quarterly, are required, without requesting the tax authority, to provide via electronic system information on the VAT records kept in the form of the JPK_VAT file for monthly periods by the 25th day of the month following each subsequent month, indicating the month to which this information relates to the Head of KAS.

The new file will be a combination of the current JPK_VAT and VAT-7 plus VAT-7K declarations. It will consist of two parts, as follow:

  • from the declaration part, which will replace currently submitted VAT-7 / VAT-7K declarations,
  • from the registration part, which will replace the currently sent JPK_VAT file.

The new file has to be connected to the VAT register and VAT declaration. These documents are currently submitted separately, therefore, the introduction of JPK_V7M / JPK_V7K will involve a number of changes for taxpayers, in particular the need to adapt their accounting systems.

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